Work with your remote peers as you would at a real whiteboard.

Our No-tool UI, combined with the power of AI, makes your team and you a much more efficient collaborator.

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Minimalism sets you free.

Riddey is straight to the point: no unnecessary features or distractions. We crafted its user interface in a way that helps you to focus on your actual task.



Remote collaboration is pure joy!

Remote whiteboarding is hard, but not with Riddey. It provides you everything to ease the distance.

No-tool UI
No-tool UI lets you get the same results with 80% fewer clicks.
A.I draw
A.I draw knows how to draw perfect shapes so that you don't have to.
Gesture Engine
Our Gesture Engine executes complex tasks for a single move.


Accessible to everyone.

In contrast to other online whiteboards: Riddey welcomes all. No matter if it's a laptop with a touchpad or an iPad Pro® with the best pencil. The experience will be seamless either way.

Our product is accesible from most of the devices available on the market